Training To Increase Vertical Jump – The First Step

If you are training to increase vertical jump, the first and foremost important thing that you should do, is to increase your strength. Strength training is the fundamental key to adding some extra hops into your jump in every vertical jump training.

Now imagine strapping a 10kg bag on your back, your speed, agility and jumping power is affected. You are unable to run as fast or move as quickly as you like. Try jumping, and you’ll find your hops in a disappointing mode.

This is because your body is not strong enough to cope with the weights. The only way to counter this is to become stronger so that your body can cope with the weight and no longer feel its weight.

This is why if you are training to increase vertical jump, strength is the foremost fundamental you must target.

Another example would be holding a bowling ball and a basketball, despite both of them being weighted, which do you think you can move faster with ? Again, It has everything to do with strength. A stronger athlete probably wouldn’t even feel the weight of the bowling ball, thus the muscle contraction to move the ball can be as fast as moving the basketball.

In all forms of vertical jump training, you’ll see workouts that inject strength into your jump. After you have build up enough strength to increase the contraction of your muscles, only then would precedence be given to quickness and speed training so as to increase your explosive jump power.

As of now, the very first thing, for every basketball player who wants to jump higher and really focus on increasing their vertical jump, the main focus should always start from building strength and getting stronger.

Note again the principles of jumping higher, Strength X Speed = Power.

If you want to increase your verticals and dunk a basketball, then strength is something that you want to start working on today.

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It will show you the different types of strength injecting workouts that’ll put some extra power and hops into your vertical leap.

Most important of all, it teaches you the very principle that you need to jump higher… and if you get that principle wrong.. everything you do is a waste of time. Get the principle right.. and you’ll see results as fast as 4 weeks !

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