Tips To Jump Higher – Maximizing Your Vertical Jump Workouts

As a basketball player, it is always a dream or desire to be able to jump higher so as to be able to play above the rim and start dunking like nobody’s business.

Seriously, when you look at the way Blake Griffin, Lebron James and the way Dwight Howard plays, you can be pretty sure how things will be like when you have incredible vertical jumps and start dominating the court with in your face highlights.

One of the keys or secret tip to jump higher is to maximizing your vertical jump workouts so that you get the best results out of all your vertical jump trainings.

So as to say, some workouts and trainings focuses on strength alone while some, on speed. But there are also several high powered workouts that works on both your speed and your strength, thus, producing more power and leverage out of all your trainings.

One such workout of course, is the Olympic Power Lift or The Power Clean as most would call it.

One of the things you need to note is that you do not actually need to finish up the press at the end if you choose to. Because the key idea of the whole jump training workout is to sharpen your form, your fast twitch muscles and your strength, once you got the weight to your chest, the whole “motion” is already completed, thus not need for the press (unless you are working on your upper body too).

In fact, I did mention before this is one of the vertical jump training Lebron James uses for his strength training and conditioning exercises. Thus, you should be able to get great results when apply this workout routine into your training.

If you are serious in improving your vertical jump, one of the best jump training manual out there is the jump manual.

The training is devised by Jacob, and his formula is so effective that he has been asked to train some of the most explosive NBA players and even professional dunkers from Dunk Nation.

In fact, it is so effective and powerful that his training manual was even featured in ESPN…

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