Secrets To Increase Your Vertical Jump Exposed

You have set your sights in increasing your vertical jump.. but always wonder how you can do so fast and effectively. Well, I am here to tell you the Secrets to increase your vertical jump.

You will find, in this website, a number of trainings and tactics that will help you jump higher… Yes.. they are proven to work for many people and many have seen successful results.

Nonetheless, that’s not the whole point… if you want to get massive gains off your verticals… you have to understand the principle behind jumping. If you don’t, you will not be able to experience the results that you so wanted to… and that is a fatal flaw why many people fail to improve their verticals.

The Number 1 Secret increase your vertical jump is to understand that your training must be “explosion” focus as compared to “endurance” focus. In other words.. low repetitions is more important than high repetitions.

This is because, when you want to jump higher, everything is based off power, and not endurance. A good example would be the comparison between a 100m sprinter and a 42km marathon runner.

A 100m sprinter may run a lot faster than a marathon runner but the marathon runner can certainly outlast the sprinter in the long run.

Fact is, their training methods and focus are totally different. A sprinter focus on explosion… while the marathon runner focus on endurance. So.. if you want to jump higher and see results fast, you should be explosion focus and strategically target low rep workouts.

The second most important secret to having a powerful vertical jump is that you need to call upon the right muscle groups on your jump.

While the main key muscle groups for your verticals are your quads and your calf, don’t forget that your ankles, form, hamstring and other smaller muscle groups also plays an important part of the whole jump process.

The reason is simple, when all these muscle groups are strengthen, the force is being properly channeled from the ground up all the way to the tip of your hands… ie: no power or inches is lost in the jump.

However, if you do not train these little muscle groups, the force that is being channeled is lost during the jump transition, thus, you will then not be able to reach your full jumping potential and lose height in your verticals.

This is the very reason that knowing which jump training workout works because it helps you focus on the right muscle group thus, building the very core foundation for a perfect jump.

When you combine this with the very first principle of low rep workouts, you will then be able to increase your vertical jump faster than you ever thought possible.

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