How To Get A 40 Inch Vertical Jump – Nasty Jump Training For Serious Players

Possessing great leaping ability is one thing, but to be able to get a 40 inch vertical jump… now that is not a feat many people or basketball players can achieve. If you are serious to improving your hops and put your game in a whole different level… you have to pay attention to the following:

Remember that in order for you to jump higher in basketball, you need power.

Power = Strength x Speed

A kettlebell swing builds power into your jump and increases your swing and hops

The following jump training workouts are some hardcore stuff that is going to add a lot of strength into your lower body… and when  you integrate the following workouts into your everyday routine… you will have some awesome hops in as fast as 30 days…

1) The Kettle Bell Swing – Simple, yet brutally effective. The  kettle bell swing trains every single part of your core muscles needed for balance and jumping. This workout also helps to inject some real manly power into your arms and back. Combine with the stimulated jump motion of this training… you will have some incredible vertical leap when you start using them in your workout.

Speed is key… but a word of caution.. the faster it gets… the harder it becomes… so… Hold on tight !

Want to jump like Lebron James ? Then this vertical jump workout is for you.

2) The Olympic Lift – Oh yeah… you heard me right man. This awesome power lifting workout trains all the muscle group all the way from your ankles to your hip. In other words, you are actually building jumping power from your ankles up… and in my opinion, a brutal but shortcut way to get your 40 inch vertical jump,

Oh, did I also mention that this is the leg training and conditioning routine Lebron James goes through every time ? No wonder he has some sick vertical jump.

The resistance from the weights further strengthen your leg muscles and the stimulated motion of lifting that weighted dumbells up builds speed into a jump motion… making you a powerful mean jumping machine.

3) Full back squats – Full back squats is known to be one of the most fundamental vertical jumping workouts that can add massive strength to your quads and hamstring. If you want a 40 inch vertical leap, you should never try to skip this training.

The primary focus of this training is strength. and if you remember the formula of power above, strength is what fuels the power… add and combine them with speed training exercise like sprinting and plyometrics… the results that it does to your hops can really be devastating !

Now lets get to work… and show those little boys how basketball is played !

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