How To Dunk A Basketball – The Secrets You Must Know !

We’ve talk about how you can dunk a basketball through some vertical jump training. If you really want to break it down and fully maximize your vertical jump, then I strongly recommend you getting the jump manual. It is probably the best and most comprehensive program out there today… and if you are training using that program, I can guarantee that you will jump higher and start dunking the basketball in no time.

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If you want to learn how to dunk a basketball, you must understand the key points of a vertical jump. If you’ve read my previous post about how improving your weakness can improve your vertical jump, you’ll understand that understanding the key aspects of what contributes to your verticals is going to help you gain better hops and results faster.

Here are the things you might be interested in. Strength, Speed, Form, Core.

These are the basic key principles that affects your vertical jump. So… if you want to jump higher fast, then, you will have to see which of the following is your weakness and improve from there.

Now, I have previously stated that power = strength x speed.

That being the case, it is also very important that you have a decent form and powerful core so that the power that is generated is flowing properly throughout your take off. If you don’t have a strong core or your form is bad, you can easily break the momentum of the jump, thus affecting the full height of your jump.

That is to say, you will not achieve your full jumping potential if you are bad in your form or does not have a strong core.

Remember, to jump higher and dunk a basketball, everything must work in tandem with each other, so that power generated from your take off is properly transmute into a successful jump, thus, making you jump higher and having an amazing vertical jump.

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