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Vertical Jump Training

Secrets To Increase Your Vertical Jump Exposed

You have set your sights in increasing your vertical jump.. but always wonder how you can do so fast and effectively. Well, I am here to tell you the Secrets to increase your vertical jump. You will find, in this website, a number of trainings and tactics that will help you jump higher… Yes.. they […]

Tips To Jump Higher – Maximizing Your Vertical Jump Workouts

As a basketball player, it is always a dream or desire to be able to jump higher so as to be able to play above the rim and start dunking like nobody’s business. Seriously, when you look at the way Blake Griffin, Lebron James and the way Dwight Howard plays, you can be pretty sure […]

Training To Increase Vertical Jump – The First Step

If you are training to increase vertical jump, the first and foremost important thing that you should do, is to increase your strength. Strength training is the fundamental key to adding some extra hops into your jump in every vertical jump training. Now imagine strapping a 10kg bag on your back, your speed, agility and […]