Best Vertical Jump Training For Basketball Players To Increase Vertical Jump

What is the best vertical jump training for basketball players to increase their vertical jump ? Well, if you are a serious athlete, you will know that all vertical jump training workouts varies, and it is a combination of different training exercises that will help increase your vertical jump.

If you want to improve your leap fast, then you will have to act on your weaker link. If you want a constant and long term gain, then, a mixture of strength, speed and jumping form training should be adopted.

One of the best vertical jump workouts you can always count on to improve your hops is squats.

Squat is an excellent exercise that effectively works your quads, glutes, hams, and your core. This is a very activity specific exercise to vertical jump training as it mirrors well the muscle activation involved in jumping higher. As far as building a strength base, squats should be considered a staple in your workout and conditioning phase.

As mentioned in one of the previous post, the greatest benefit to increasing your vertical leap can be drawn from full back squats.

A faster and more explosive concentric or upward movement in the squat is recommended to inject explosive power into your jump. Note however, that if your form is improper or you try to do too much weight, you risk improper strain on your back. Therefore, you should start at a slower pace until you get the form right before moving on to engage in the intensified velocity movements in your vertical jump training.

If you are serious about getting crazy hops, like 30 – 40 inches, I urge you to check out Jacob’s jump training program, it is by far the best jump training program for basketball players.

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