Advance Vertical Jump Training To Dunk A Basketball

Alright, I am going to show you today some of the advance vertical jump training workouts I personally use to increase my vertical jump. These are pretty hardcore stuff, and it is for advance jumpers and serious basketball players only.

If you look at the previous post, you will see some jump training workouts that you can immediately plugged into your daily routine and start achieving results. These jump workouts below is going to be even more powerful… and all I ask for is for you to take the desire actions so as to bring your game to a higher level.

So what are these advance vertical jump training workouts that’ll help you increase your verticals and dunk a basketball fast ? I’ll give you 3 of them to work on immediately:

The Cone Hop Jump Training Builds And Adds Quickness To Your Jump

1) Lateral Cone Hop – Well.. I believe you’ve heard about this workout before, and the image on the right shows you just how it is done, but what is different here is… you are going to do it with a single leg. Yes, instead of the 2 legged lateral, you will instead use a single leg to finish up this jump workout.

Remember to always focus on speed, its a pretty tough workout, trust me.. I tried… but what is amazing is that it adds massive inches to your single leg take off fast. But bear in mind, make sure you have ample training before, especially on your ankles and hamstring.. because this really is some hardcore stuff.. and if you are not strong enough, your ankles might not be strong enough to take the pressure.

This Advance Jump Training Adds Explosive Power For Single Leg Take Off

2) Power Lunges – Ok, in order to compliment the single leg take off for dunk motion, I’ve decided to let you in to this secret training to jump higher. This jump training actually works hand in hand with the lateral cone hop and builds massive single leg take off power for your jump.

This is especially helpful when you are on a fast break dunk. You can see from the image on the starting position of the workout. With the hind leg resting on a platform/bench, bend your your forward leg downwards and start to jump as high as you can… it is almost like lunges, but with continuous movement with a single leg.

If you are looking to dunk a basketball in 2 weeks, the 2 workouts above couldn’t come any better.

3) Bounce – You probably heard about bounce… it helps to improve your vertical jump and condition your jumping motion. But what we are doing here is, instead of the usual bounce exercise, hold a medicine ball above your head and start executing this workout.

What this advance vertical jump training does for you is that it helps to add resistance to your jump, giving you a more explosive vertical jump but at the same time, training your arm power.

So.. what does this mean ?

It means that you are also training your form and swing, which is crucial if you want to increase your vertical jump.

Now, these workouts are powerful enough to help you jump higher in basketball… but if you are looking to dominate the rim and start to perform 360 and windmill dunks like the pros… then the jump manual is definitely a must to check out.

In the Jump manual, you’ll learn the different explosive workouts that works not only on your speed but also your strength, thus creating massive power for your vertical leap. In addition, it also includes the stretching exercises that further enhance your muscles capacity for growth and more important, the no. 1 principle that you should follow in all your workouts.

Get this wrong, and all your effort is wasted. Get this right, and you’ll see results as fast as just 4 weeks !

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