Vertical Jump Programs

“How To MERCILESSLY Destroy Your Opponents With Gravity Defying Dunks, Heart Stopping Blocks & Have The Ladies Going GA GA Over You… !”

If you are like me… you don’t just play… you want to completely destroy your competition and wow the crowd with your Air Defying Dunks, Chase Down Block Shots and an athleticism ability that is going to be the talk of the town…

…Yes, Its as if you’ve grown wings and have the inhuman ability to throw down dunks that shook the rim so hard, it injects fear and despair into your opponents…

Its a Man’s game you tell them… No boys allow…

The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is hands down, the best vertical jump training manual that is available in the market today. It has been around in the market for the last 3 years and has helped thousands of basketball and volleyball players reach their full jumping potential.

Thus, basketball players are able to increase their verticals by up to 12 inch and start dunking the ball and impressing their friends while volleyball players are able to jump higher and spike the ball more aggressively than they ever though possible…

In the jump manual, you’ll find the training, Jacob, explaining the different principles of a vertical jump, which is one of the most important aspects when it comes to understanding the science of jumping. This is because, if you get the whole principle wrong, you won’t be able to fully realize your jump potential. (Just like the low rep and the force channeling principle – neglecting any of these has a direct impact in your verticals).

Also in the manual, you’ll find Jacob showing you how each and every training is done correctly, targeting the different core groups and muscles needed for your jump. Of course, he does not stop on the workouts, he also includes a detail stretching exercise and also a nutritional chart and “dietary recommendation” that will help you see result faster.

With everything you need in place, the jump manual also have a complete workout chart that tells you the exact step by step training program to follow so that you do not need to worry which workout and exercise to do each week as everything is listed down in sequence, thus ensuring you training every important muscle groups for maximum results.

If you are really serious about gaining maximum inches off your vertical jump, then… you should really consider getting the Jump Manual for it is possibly the fastest program to attain your results and start dominating the court and wowing the crowds with insane dunks and sick blocks.

Of course, the only thing about the jump manual is that it is a little pricey off the edge. This is because it is by far, the most comprehensive and most effective jump training in the market today.

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Vertical Jump Training

If price is a factor, and you don’t mind settling for second best, you might want to consider the vertical explosion training program.

The principles taught in the vertical explosion training program is the same as the ones that are taught in the jump manual. Both focusing on the correct principles of jumping and how to train the correct muscle groups and also the different muscles used for your jump.

Like the jump manual, the vertical explosion training is also said and mentioned by both the NBA and ESPN.. so you can be pretty sure that they are legitimate jump training programs that can help you achieve your maximum jump potential.

You can also find a full set of trainings, in video format, showing you step by step how to execute the jump workouts so you don’t do the wrong thing and also a full workout chart on which workouts to execute.

The only reason why vertical explosion training is a star below the jump manual is because the jump manual has a a slight edge on the number of successful students and the credentials behind the jump manual trainer, whom had personally train Olympic and NBA athletes.

Still.. vertical explosion training works like a charm.

Like I’ve said, if you are serious in increasing your vertical jump… and you don’t mind settling for second best, then, you might wish to consider getting the Vertical Explosion Training Program

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